The Nightbus is a service run by your Students’ Union. It receives the majority of it’s funding from the profits generated by DSU’s commercial services. To reduce the environmental impact of the Nightbus and as a result of increased costs there will no longer be a timetabled service.


To arrange a lift just call the driver, meet them at one of the pick up points and pay 75p.


Priority is given to lone travellers


Nightbus mobile number: 07854 838890


Cost: 75p


Running Times


Monday to Thursday 9pm - 1am
Friday and Saturday 9pm - 3am
Sunday 9pm - 11pm

Pick up points


Howlands Farm Trevelyan
Duke of Wellington
Train Station St John’s Church., Nevilles Cross
Hawthorn Terrace, Viaduct
Keenan House Bus Stop under the Gala Theatre
Claypath Medical Centre
Sainsbury’s, Gilesgate Musgrave Gardens
School of Education
Dun Cow Dunelm House
Security Office, Science Site
Maiden Castle Geography Department



Any student who soils the bus will be fined £30 and their Senior Tutor will be informed.


Students who are deemed too intoxicated to travel will be unable to board the vehicle.


No aggressive or abusive language and behaviour will be tolerated.

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