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Genital Herpes (HSV)

Genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus. The virus can affect the mouth, the genital area, the skin around the anus and the fingers. Once the first breakout of herpes is over, the virus hides away in the nerve fibres, where it remains totally undetected and causes no symptoms. However, in some people, it may come back (recur) on the skin surface, at or near the place where it was caught. This may be when the person is ill or run down. Some people never get another outbreak.


Both men and women may have one or more symptoms, including:

    * an itching or tingling sensation in the genital or anal area
    * small fluid-filled blisters. These burst and leave small sores which can be very painful. In time they dry out, scab over and heal. With the first infection they can take between 2 and 4 weeks to heal properly

    * pain when passing urine, if it passes over any of the open sores
    * a flu-like illness, backache, headache, swollen glands or fever

At this time the virus is highly infectious.

Herpes is passed on through skin contact with an infected person. The virus affects the areas where it enters the body. This can be by:

    * kissing (mouth to mouth)
    * penetrative sex (when the penis enters the vagina, mouth or anus)
    * oral sex (from the mouth to the genitals)

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