Academic Support

Hopefully everything will go swimmingly during your course, but from time to time things can go wrong. You may find you need a concession, haven't got the grade you expected and want to appeal, need to take time out, are on a disciplinary. Whatever the issue DSU Advice Centre is here to help with all your academic issues. Call, email ([email protected]) or pop in. Another useful port of call is your college tutor or senior tutor. They are often academics themselves and so have a good knowledge about these issues. If in any way you are concerned about confidentiality, DSU Advice Centre is completely impartial and confidential.

If you have any concerns regarding issues in your course, department or faculty that you feel need addressing, don't hesitate to get in touch. We offer representation and advice on all academic issues, including things like the University complaints procedure and harassment problems.

If you believe your work has been seriously affected by circumstances beyond your control, you will need to fill in a Mitigating Circumstances Form. If you've just misread the exam timetable or overslept, then the Board of Examiners will not be sympathetic. However, for cases of illness, bereavement and so on which coincided with coursework or exam commitments, or which seriously affected your studies for a long period making catch-up impossible, then you should complete this form. It's available here, but you should seek advice from your college, DSU Advice Centre or both before submitting it.


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