How to Re-Ratify existing DSU Societies


* ALL Societies must be 'ratified' annually by DSU before starting any Society activity
* A Society obtains ratification by completing the below forms and submitting them to the Students Union.
* Re-ratification occurs annually in the Easter Term.

Re Ratification » DEADLINE 26th JUNE

All forms have been sent via e-mail. If you are not in receipt please e-mail [email protected] or download forms from the re-ratification page below.


How to Ratify your existing Society


Please complete the forms below and return them to DSU.

Form 1 should be handed in both electronically and as hard copy.

Form 2 should be handed in physically to DSU.

Forms 3, 4 + 5 should be submitted electronically.


 Forms for the period 2008 to 2009 are now online


Ratification Form


Please complete to ratify.

1. Membership Form

2. Society Names List

3. Ratification Form




Please amend as necessary.

4. Society Constitution




Please complete according to the attached example. Please include the name and e-mail address of your staff Treasurer. The Staff Treasurer will be contacted to ensure that the accounts have been checked.

5. Society Account Document 


ITS Regulations


The University has approved a policy and regulations governing the use of all computing facilities within the University. In addition, the ITS has local regulations governing the use of it's own facilities. These are availiable online on the ITS WWW pages and from the ITS Helpdesk.

By submitting the electronic ratification form you are agreeing that your use of the University IT facilities will be in accordance with the regulations for the use of University IT facilites, and that the society details are published in the online directory.


Once completed please e-mail these forms to [email protected]



Societies Regulations


Societies are required act within the accordance of DSU Equal Opportunities, and according to rules on fair access, financial accountability and data protection. Societies breaching these Guidelines can be de-ratified.

Society Regulations


Need help with Ratifying?


The Membership Services Administrator is also available as a source of general information and assistance.

If you have any queries she can be found in the Advice Centre on Level A from 10am-5pm (Monday-Friday).


Lapsed Ratification


In the absence of re-ratification being sought by the 1st August the Society will be deemed to be 'lapsed'.

A lapsed Society may apply for subsequent ratification as a new Society at a later date.

Upon a Society becoming 'lapsed', DSU reserves the right to close any bank account(s) to which the Society and DSU are joint signatories (as per existing bank mandate(s)).


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