Claiming Money



What can be claimed for?

1. Events directly connected to the societies aims
You can claim for half the cost of any event, or for any loss made (not including food and drink), whichever is less.
2. Capital Equipment
This is equipment costing more than £50 (which must be approved by Socities Team). Records should be kept of any capital equipment a society has.
3. Speakers' Travel
You can claim for a standard class rail ticket or 11p per mile for petrol. Meals You can claim up to £5 per meal. Accommodation - You can claim up to £40 for the accommodation of speakers not resident in Durham.
4. Printing and Publicity
You can claim for external copying and printing. All publicity must have a the new DSU logo attached to it.
5. Affiliation
You can claim back an affiliation fee where there is recognisable benefit for your society's aims and objectives.
6. Hire of Films
You can claim back the cost or any loss you make, provided that the film furthers the aims and objectives of the society
7. Members' attendance at conference
You can claim registration fees and up to £20 per person per night for accommodation, providing there is a recognisable benefit for your society's aims and objectives.


DSU Services

Room Hire
The committee room (level A, Dunelm House) can be hired without charge before 10pm. Hire of other rooms in Dunelm can also be refunded. Room hire outside Dunelm won't usually be refunded.

Capital Equipment
These are items that will benefit the society over a number of years (e.g. electrical equipment, camping equipment etc.). Ratified societies can apply to the DSU Treasurer for a loan to buy capital equipment, repayable over a period of time.

If your society may need to be overdrawn for a limited period, you need to discuss this with the DSU Treasurer.

NB. Both Capital Equipment loans and Overdrafts need the approval of Societies Team and the DSU Treasurer. Please contact the Societies Officers in plenty of time to allow your claim to be dealt with.

What can't be claimed for?
* Food and Drink
* Social Events that are not directly connected to the societies aims


Who approves claims?

All claims are considered by the Societies Officers. However, in some cases this may be the DSU Treasurer.
The Societies Officers are the first point of contact for all claims


How to Claim

* Fill out a Societies General Claim form.
* Securely attach all original relevant receipts. Photocopies are not acceptable. Claims cannot be made without receipts!
* Hand forms + receipts in to the Societies Officer as soon as possible. Claims are processed on a first come first served basis so don't   wait until the end of term.
* When the Societies Officers are not in the office, please leave completed forms in the Societies pigeon hole behind DSU reception
* Any problems, please see the Societies Officers or see them during office hours in the DSU General Office.


The e-claim form

Once completed please e-mail all these forms to [email protected] or alternatively place them in the Society Pigeon Hole behind DSU Main Reception.


And Finally

Remember that these restrictions only apply to money reclaimable from DSU and that societies execs can spend other funds in any way they wish provided the expenditure benefits the society and its members. The Societies' budget is not exhaustible and therefore grants are conferred on a first come, first served basis. Individual societies will not normally be allowed to exceed their own £300 p.a. budget. Overdrafts can be extended and loans may be granted under special circumstances subject to approval by the DSU Treasurer.


Also please note we can only pay money into DSU Society Bank Accounts, not individual's accounts.


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