Treasure Trap


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Email: [email protected]


Post: Treasure Trap, Durham Students' Union, Dunelm House, Durham, DH1 3AN



Durham University Treasure Trap is the world's oldest continuously-running Live Roleplay group. We meet twice a week to play roles in a fantasy mediƦval world, either in the congenial atmosphere of a mediƦval inn for our Tavern Nights each Monday, or in the woods around Durham for Adventures each weekend. We also have twice-weekly weapons practices to develop combat skills which are useful in the game, and send groups to larger live roleplay events around the country.




Name Position College Degree
David Sheridan President   Philosophy postgrad
Katie Logan Treasurer Grey Classics
Robert Barnfield Secretary St Cuthbert's Archaeology
Sophie Tynan Social Secretary   Archaeology postgrad
Owen Lewis Armourer External  
Carrie Beckett Wardrobe Officer Castle English Literature
Tim Packer Tim Packer External  



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