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Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.dur.ac.uk/polish.society

Post: Polish Society, Durham Students' Union, Dunelm House, Durham, DH1 3AN



The Polish society has been brought to life to unite Polish students within Durham University, as well as all students interested in or somehow connected to Poland. We seek to promote Polish culture, language, customs, history and cuisine in addition to showing the importance of Poland in the modern world. We will organise various social events, such as food and drink tasting, Polish meals, celebration of Polish holidays, lectures, meetings with interesting guests, discussions, film nights and trips. We also plan to cooperate with Polish societies in other universities in the United Kingdom, as well as Polish governmental, non-governmental, educational and business organisations in the UK and abroad. So, if you’re Polish, you love Poland, or are simply tempted by Polish food and drink, want to learn to say more than “czeœæ” in Polish, are intrigued by Polish culture and history and you want to have fun, join us!




Name Position Email College Degree
Anna Malinowska President [not given] college degree
Marcin Zawadzki Treasurer [not given] college degree
Marta Reich Secretary [not given] college degree




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