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Post: Photography Society, Durham Students' Union, Dunelm House, Durham, DH1 3AN





The Photography Society is a forum to encourage the photographic skills of members of all abilities and budgets, from using disposables and camera phones to the latest digital equipment. We recognise photography as a hobby, a technical skill and an artform.
Over the year we'll be running regular photo competitions, talks and workshops on both technical and artistic aspects of photography, trips around Durham and further afield, photo shoots and socials.
We will be covering aspects of both film and digital photography, including the use of computer-based digital techniques.
For more information, please visit our website or send us an email.




Name Position Email College Degree
Thomas Nicholls President [not given] college degree
Max Waldron Treasurer [not given] college degree
Adam Clarkson Secretary [not given] college degree




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