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Post: Neighbours Society, Durham Students' Union, Dunelm House, Durham, DH1 3AN





G'Day mates! Put another shrimp on the Barbie and join us for a Ramsay Street-tastic year of Neighbours appreciation! Everyone knows deep-down that Neighbours is the World's Greatest Soap Opera: spread the love with DUNS and get ready for some amazing socials, quizzes, Aussie BBQ and the screening of some classic Neighbours. Not only will we offer you the chance to look fantastic in the latest Neighbours Society stash and other paraphernalia, but also the chance to meet visiting cast members. We're one of the largest societies in Durham with over 500 members! Every week we bring you a comedy update email with details of the exciting Neighbours episodes during the week. A show so good it is on twice a day! (and then the omnibus on Channel 5 - so exciting!!!) Come see us at the Freshers Fair or email [email protected]




Name Position College
Alastair Cooke Co - President

Van Mildert

Amelia Jackson Co - President Van Mildert
Annie Knell Treasurer Trevelyan
Joanne Westhead Secretary Van Mildert
Emily Blueberry Social Secretary Trevelyan
Anna Starling Social Secretary Trevelyan
Laura Welford Welfare Officer Hatfield
Katie Rowley Publicity Officer Van Mildert




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