Natural Sciences


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Email: [email protected]


Post: Natural Sciences Society, Durham Students' Union, Dunelm House, Durham, DH1 3AN



Missing out on course socials and feeling a bit neglected in subject departments? Well never fear the NatSci Soc is here! The NatSci Soc has recently undergone a major revamp and has re-appeared much bigger and better than ever before! We cater for all NatSci students however random your course may seem. We hold regular socials so you can get to meet other NatScis (whether they are doing similar modules to you or not) and generally have a great night out. We aim to provide relevant information about the course as a whole from a student point of view, putting you in contact with other NatScis when it comes to choosing modules to ensure you make the right choice each year. Check out our website for the latest information including our upcoming socials.



Name Position Email College Degree
James Hadfield President [not given] college degree
Olivia Shenton-Taylor Treasurer [not given] college degree
Hannah Livesey-Ingham Secretary [not given] college degree




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