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Ever thought about dancing but worried that:

- it’s tough to learn complicated steps?.
- you'd have to go with someone ?
- you'd never dance out of class?
- you’d need to commit every week?

No!!! Modern Jive is different!

You need 4 classes to learn the basics, we organise you with partners – so you don’t need to bring a partner. You can dance Modern Jive to most music ideally club / pop / cheese music ( but possibly rule out Mozart or Roni Size). It’s just a great buzz to dance in unison with someone in a style that looks cool and is easy to learn. (I’m a rower with little co-ordination and 2 left feet and after a month I was utterly hooked). It’s also a pretty good workout. As we rotate the basic moves every month, you don’t need to pitch up every week (work can come first!).

What are the style and moves like?

It is a mix of Jive and Salsa with wicked arm moves and simplified foot movements, which makes it easy to learn and blag your way out of mistakes. (see video link below).
There are about 20 basic moves. Give it about 4 classes (just over a month) and you'll nail all these.


What happens?

The evening consists of about 1/3 class and the rest freestyle - free dancing time.  We rotate people so no need for a partner.

Where and when

Tuesdays: Ceroc club Middlesbrough £5.  Leaving Stockton campus at 7:15pm. Please ask if you'd like a lift with Bee or me.

Every Thursday: 6.55-9pm Riverside college £2 entry

Any questions?:

Nick Parkinson
President – Durham University Jive Society.
[email protected]


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