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Post: Geographical Society, Durham Students' Union, Dunelm House, Durham, DH1 3AN



Just because our title implies we are an academic society, this doesn’t mean we have no fun, so keep on reading! DUGS is one of Durham’s largest academic societies with about 400 members and we’re one of the most sociable too. Our social calendar’s highlight is the annual ‘Globall,’ at a top local hotel, while other events include the Freshers’ ceilidh and Christmas social. DUGS provides a forum for highly respected British and international guest speakers on course-related and general matters, providing an excellent opportunity to broaden your knowledge. We also produce an annual journal which provides additional information, including cutting-edge research from our lecturers. Membership is just £7 for life so if you haven’t already filled in the form on the Freshers’ letter, you have the opportunity to join at the Freshers’ Fair. If you are a Geographer, then DUGS is for you. We look forward to seeing you soon.



Name Position Email College Degree
Marc Cologne President [not given] college degree
Lindsey Mahon Treasurer [not given] college degree
Sarah Jones Secretary [not given] college degree




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