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Post: French Society, Durham Students' Union, Dunelm House, Durham, DH1 3AN




The French Society is a must for all you Francophiles! Come along to Freshers’ Fair and sign up, or reply to the slip in your freshers’ pack! Here are a 5 good reasons to join...


1)    If you are studying the language you can get support from fellow students.


2)    You can watch a weekly French or Francophone film with complementary munchies. De plus, look out for the French summer film fest!


3)    Chat to other people in French to get in some useful practice over wine and cheese... not forgetting those French baguettes! 


4)    Let off some steam at themed barcrawls.


5)    Don’t forget that there is a potential and part subsidized Christmas trip to France!


Watch out for our awesome forthcoming events and turn up to the FREE freshers’ informal evening (more info to come at Freshers’ Fair) and make some more friends!! This is a friendly society for anyone who loves anything to do with France. If you have any other ideas we are also more than willing to listen... C’est une société pour vous!




Name Position   College  
Amanda Thomas President   Trevelyan  
Alexandre Piper Vice President   Stockton  
Alison Retz Treasurer   St. Chads  
Jessica Jones Secretary    Grey  

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