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FACE is a society, an idea and an ongoing vision to create a dynamic projects within the community based on Faith, Arts, Culture and Environment (FACE). It works with the local community and reaches out to national organisations and campaigns to encourage people to join and use it as a basis to launch their own ideas.
Background: Returning from his gap year in India in April 2004 Peter Timms, the founder of FACE, had experienced an overwhelming spirituality and community, he felt compelled to re-introduce these concepts into the often cold and commercial face of Britain. He decided that the four principles of Faith, Arts, Culture and Environment were something that motivated everyone and themes that had potential to bring people together. Over the past two years the society has put on a number of forums around topics such as ‘Science and Religion’ and ‘Death and Humanity’ as well as setting up some refreshingly original projects such as ‘A Space to Create’ which was an Arts enterprise that took place in Fowler’s Yard.




Name Position Email College Degree
Lisa Snape-Kennedy President [not given] College degree
William Wilson Treasurer [not given] College degree
Madeleine Berger Secretary [not given] College degree


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