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Post: English Society, Durham Students' Union, Dunelm House, Durham, DH1 3AN





The English Society exists as a society for students of, and those interested in, English literature. Membership is not restricted to those studying English Literature. Its purpose is dual: to serve as a way for those with an interest in English literature to meet each other and socialize, and to provide them with events of interest, ranging from theatre trips to talks by authors and careers events. We aim to hold weekly film nights to supplement the English Literature course; to hold several talks by authors, academics, and other noteworthy figures; to hold several socials a term; and to provide other events as and when they are possible, such as book clubs and creative writing fora. We work with, but are not part of, the English department, and aim both to aid those studying the course and satisfy the interest of those not studying it who are nevertheless interested.




Name Position Email College Degree
Thom Addinall-Biddulph President [not given] college degree
Nicholas Wright Treasurer [not given] college degree
Chloe Fryer Secretary [not given] college degree


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