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Post: Chemical Society, Durham Students' Union, Dunelm House, Durham, DH1 3AN




Durham University Chemical Society is a department-based society providing a means for chemists to socialise with each other regardless of academic standing, although anyone with an interest in the chemical sciences is welcome to join. A lecture programme is organised for the first two terms, covering interesting chemical issues and should hopefully appeal to all. Socially, we like to prove that chemists are not inept and can have as much fun as everyone else. To this end, we try to organise quizzes, an annual staff-student cricket match and the ChemBall; a great night out that produces many an embarrassing photograph! For further information, please contact the Society or check out our website.


Name Position Email College Degree
Lucas Applegarth President [not given] college degree
Philippa Monks Treasurer [not given] college degree
Sebastian Spain Secretary [not given] college degree


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