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Post: Ballroom and Latin American Dance (BALADS) Society, Durham Students' Union, Dunelm House, Durham, DH1 3AN





BALADS aims to give everyone the opportunity to have some light-hearted fun and acquire a valuable social skill. Lessons are held every Tuesday evening in the Fonteyn Ballroom, Dunelm. There are three beginners' lessons (7:00, 7:45 or 8:30pm - each lasting 45 mins) covering a wide range of dances. The improvers' class (9:30pm - last 1 hour) develops the dances learned in the beginners' classes as well as adding new ones. There is no need to have done any dancing before but the classes are progressive throughout the year so you must join at the beginning of the first term. We have two excellent instructors who give step-by-step tuition and the emphasis is on having fun and being able to dance in a few sessions. We hold two annual balls to show off our new skills.




Name Position Email College Degree
David Jimenez-Katsman President [not given] college degree
Samantha Walker-Smith Treasurer [not given] college degree
Vikki Kirby Secretary [not given] college degree


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