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Aikido is a dynamic Japanese martial art which uses circular flowing movements and concentrated poise to re-direct an attacker's force and energy, using their own momentum against them, in order to allow even the smallest individual to defend themselves effectively. Aikido comprises of many different locks and throws and in order to understand how it works at a fundamental level, we learn to use the sword, knife and Jo (4ft staff) as well as how to disarm an attacker armed with these. One of the most famous Aikido experts is Steven Seagal and Aikido is so highly regarded that it is taught as the primary martial art used by the Tokyo riot police. At the Durham University club, we emphasise the practical aspects of Aikido whilst still maintaining the traditional principals. Our Sensei (instructor) believes very strongly that Aikido should enable you to defend yourself in real-life situations.



Name Position Email College Degree
Dora Fohring President [not given] Collingwood Physics
Carrie Beckett Treasurer [not given] Castle English
Daniel Farrow Secretary [not given] Cuths Physics
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