Durham University EuroVision Society

Durham University EuroVision Society is the place for any fan, however big or small, of the EuroVision Song Contest.  EuroVision Society is NOT just a once a year society, we meet all year round.  Join us and what you’ll get is a society that:

· Meets up to watch EuroVision – Our big event of the year!

· Have EuroVision-themed socials – What better way to have fun than go around with fellow EuroVision lovers.

· Meets up to watch past EuroVision’s – hiring out rooms and eating tons of junk food

· Meets up to watch selections from all over Europe – because we all know how seriously the rest of the continent takes EuroVision

· Affiliation to OGAE EuroVision fan club – with access to events and possibly speakers from them

A society Flying The Flag For You!



Contact Details

[email protected]









 Ben Robertson



 Liam Harris


[not given]


 Julia Tite


[not given]





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