Education and Welfare Officer
Emma Carter
[email protected]

The EWO represents student views to the University through various committees.  Through sitting on Learning & Teaching, Admissions Re-view, Re-view of Assessment and through meeting regularly with the Academic Registrar your views are represented to the University.  Through working closely with the Education Officer and the Faculty Reps, issues effecting you are listened to.  Campaigns are also conducted to do with Education for example this year there will be a campaign on Keep the Cap.

Education Officer
Ollie Hyams
[email protected]

The Education Officer works closely with the EWO on how best to represent students best to their departments.  Through working with the SSCC reps finds out issues that are effecting your studies to campaign upon.


Students with Disabilities Officer
Ruth Hoggett
[email protected]

The students with disabilities officer is to campaign on behalf of students with disabilities, representing their needs to the Union and University as well as raising awareness of disabilities.

Student Faculty Reps


Student Faculty Reps sit on the Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee.  Faculty reps are the first point of call for all course reps who want to take an issue to faculty level after discussin it with the department.  2008/9 Reps are:


Science (UG) - Richard Hall ([email protected])


Arts & Humanities (UG) - Nick Wright ([email protected])

Arts & Humanities (PG) - Susan Royal ([email protected])


Social Science & Health (UG) - Elizabth Martin ([email protected])

Social Science & Health (PG) - Portia Kuffuor ([email protected])


If you a science taught postgrad and would like to be the Faculty Rep please email [email protected]



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