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Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities 2007


Mailings (Approx 4,500 leaflets needed).


Summer Mail - We have a mailing that goes to new students' home (usually parental) addresses. This includes all our ticket information, subscriptions, and events listings for Freshers' Fortnight, etc. Cost of an A5 (or A4, folded) inclusion is £600.


Arrival Mail - This mailing welcomes our new students on their arrival in Durham; October. It contains essential information for their first couple of weeks here and is despatched in late September. Cost of an A5 (or A4, folded) inclusion is £200.



Freshers' Fair (October) 2007


The two-day event, is on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd October, is attended by almost all of our 12,500 students; all student societies are represented. We limit commercial involvement to 20 companies, so you have to book early to get a spot. £1,000 for a two-day stall, £600 for a single day. Total Sponsorship is £3,000.


Freshers Fair Commercial Stall Booking Form 2007


Freshers' fair commercial booking form - Please complete this document and e-mail it to DSU Venues if you wish to book a stall for the freshers fair.



Re-Freshers' Fair (January) 2008


Similar to our Freshers' Fair, an extra chance to get the message across. £250 for a second chance to meet our students.





Our website is popular all year round and used by students in Durham and all over the world. Prices start from £150/month to include your advert or £500/month for a banner ad; to sponsor the site, it’s £3,500/year.



Publications and Media Organisations


Palatinate - a fortnightly, tabloid widely regarded as one of the best student papers, read by everyone in Durham. Student Paper of the Year 2001. Prices are up to £1,000 for a full page in full colour. Sponsorship of the paper is £5,000/year.


The dates for Michaelmas 2007 are as follows:

For more information, please take a look at the Palatinate Rate Card


Purple - term-time online radio station accessible from the Internet. Purple has an audience of 12,000 students and has regular music and spoken features. For more information please have a look at the Purple's website


Student Handbook - A5 size, full colour, with a free copy to each student in October.

£1,000 full page advert, £650 half page.

£2,500 sponsorship = front cover strap, back cover plus inclusions throughout.


Accommodation Handbook - A5 size, spot colour available, with a free copy to each househunter in February 2007. £200 full page advert, £1,000 sponsorship = front cover strap, back cover in full colour plus inclusions throughout. Restrictions apply on types of sponsors.




The biggest thing we have is our sell-out Freshers' Ball - 2,500 people. Sponsorship is negotiable, but £4,000 is the starting point, it then just depends on the exposure you'd like.
Planet of Sound is our regular; late licence, 1,250 people. Revolver is our big Saturday indie-themed night; Sponsorship is £1,500/term or £3,000/year for either event.






Our nightly, subsidised service to carry students home safely right across the city. The service operates during term between the hours of 9pm and 3am. Sponsorship is £7,000/year which will brand the van in your name and include you on all publicity, timetables etc.




The Accommodation Office - produces a range of free-to-students documents throughout the year, assisting approximately 4,000 people to find secure accommodation. Sponsorship of the service for a year is £2,000 and carries inclusion in all publications. We can also include your leaflets in the mailings that periodically go to our registered landlords (appx 1,000); cost of this is £350.


General Distribution Service - provide us with 400 leaflets and we'll distribute them around the Durham colleges for £60. We also accept posters in the Union building; £50 for a maximum 20 A3 posters or £250/term for one of our 6-sheet display cases located outside our main entrance.



Contact Us


For general enquires, please email Mike Turnbull @ [email protected].


Phone: 0191 334 1802
Fax: 0191 334 1778


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