Finding A Doctor

You've arrived in Durham, but what happens now if you get sick? As a Fresher you will have the opportunity to register with a GP in Durham. There are several to choose from, although it is important to consider the distance from your college or house to the surgery when making this decision. Many students use the University Health Centre, and there is regular contact between DSU and the Centre concerning student well being.

Students regularly use the following practices:

The University Health Centre,
Green lane,
Telephone: 386 5081, Internal: 46086

Claypath Medical Practice,
Claypath House,
65 Claypath,
Telephone: (0191) 374 6888

St Margaret's Garth Health Centre,
St Margaret's Garth,
Telephone: (0191) 384 3895

Harrison and Partners,
Grey Avenue,
Telephone: 0844 4773502

There are other surgeries available in the Co. Durham area, for more information please refer to the NHS direct website.

In the event that you are dissatisfied with the service you have received, you can make a complaint. In the case of it having been at the University Health Centre, complaints should be directed to the DSU Education and Welfare Officer, or you can speak to someone at the centre.