Many people may be exposed to this for the first time at University. The most important thing is to take a sensible approach and to always understand the effects that alcohol may have on you - both in the short and long term.
Students like alcohol is a truism, but it can also be a dangerous drug and can rapidly increase your likelihood of suffering an accident as well as leaving you with a storming hangover the next day. Not to mention the embarrassment of anything you may have done, or said.
The Health Education Council has made recommendations for a maximum amount of alcohol an individual can drink each week without putting their health at risk. If you are aware of these recommendations and stick to them as best you can, you can be sure to have a good time without sacrificing your health.

Recommended Weekly Limits

The recommended maximum limit is 21 units per week for a man and 14 units for a woman, but remembers this is a limit and not a target!

One unit is equal to:
• half a pint of ordinary beer/lager/cider;
• quarter of a pint of strong beer/lager/cider;
• one glass of wine;
• one pub measure of spirits;
• One glass of sherry/port.

Contact DSU Advice Centre for more details.