What to do if you're in debt

For most students debt has become the norm rather than the exception, on average students leave University with debts of £10,000 - £14,000. This figure is increasing every year. The Advice Centre has published a wide range of leaflets concerning student finance, some of which are:
o What to do if you are in Debt 1
o What to do if you are in Debt 2
o Access Funds

I'm finding it difficult to make ends meet!

f you are struggling financially don't panic or try the ostrich approach - (close your eyes, head in sand hoping it will go away). If you want professional help contact the Advice Centre who will help you consider all the options you have and help you plan a way forward. Most people can be helped either by a combination of a sensible budgeting plan, increasing someone's income, checking their benefit entitlement, making application to the Hardship Fund or to Trusts and Charities. No matter how severe your problem may be a way forward can usually be found.

Ignoring money problems only makes them worse. Always avoid taking out a credit card or getting into further debt, come into the Advice Centre instead and let them help you. It is likely that they will be able to assist you in an application for extra funding, which you won’t have to pay back.

The Advice Centre is a member of the Educational Grants Advisory Services (EGAS) and in some cases access source of funding for specific items, courses, childcare and travel.