Email Advice

We prefer to deal with students in person, but if this is not possible or convenient you can email your query to However before using this service all users should be aware of the following:

• The Advice Centre cannot guarantee confidentiality to users of the e-mail service due to the University having access to all e-mails sent to the above address.
• We are also unable to guarantee that you will receive a full reply, as we may need additional information.
• We therefore request that all users, where possible, leave a contact telephone number. Should we need further information the Advice Centre will contact you as soon as possible.
• If your case/query is urgent it is best that you ring or call in, e-mail will only be checked at the most two times a day and an advisor may not be able to contact you for a substantial period of time.
• All e-mails sent will be printed out and filed in a locked cabinet, and will be deleted as soon as they are read and dealt with, no electronic record will be kept.
• There is no guarantee that the intended person receives your message and that person may not receive your message for several days, due to reasons such as illness, absence, network problems etc.