Accommodation Office

Every student can now expect to live out of college at some point during their time in Durham. You will probably have to live out during either your second or third year.

Contrary to popular belief this is not a nightmare and most livers out find it an extremely positive experience. City-centre property can be expensive, but with a bit of care, thought and forward planning you should have few problems finding your dream home.

Durham is quite a small city, but there is still plenty of property available within two or three miles of the centre. Popular student areas include the Viaduct, Claypath, Gilesgate, Langley Moor, Bowburn, Meadowfield and Newton Hall to name but a few. Most students choose to share with other students, but you might also share a house with your landlord. Although some feel that this can restrict your freedom, it does tend to mean that you get a higher standard of living. It does, however, give significantly less security of tenure.

When you are looking for a house, the best place to start is the Accommodation Office in Dunelm House. You should also get in touch with your college livers' out officer. Pick up a copy of the Housing Guide, which gives details of what to look for when renting a house, as well as information on contracts, deposits, inventories and much more. The Accommodation Office and DSU Advice Centre will be able to answer any queries you might have and will also be able to check over your contract before you sign it. It is important to think over your situation carefully before you commit yourself to anything - it may save you a lot of problems later.