Start a New Society

What you need to start a society:

  1. A list of 30 people willing to become members. You can make a small society with only 15 people
  2. Some aims and objectives for the society, set out in a Society Constitution. A basic template constitution is available within a ratification form.

If you have any questions about these requirements, then contact the Societies Officer by emailing

Society affiliations are considered by Societies Team every week. In rare cases, you may be asked to attend this meeting.

Starting a new society

Setting up and running a society is exciting and fulfilling, but can be quite a lot of work, so we want to help you, but we recommend you get together a few friends to share the initial workload. The first step is ratification:

To help you, the societies officers have revamped the ratification process, and it is now possible to ratify electronically, saving a lot of time and paper. Download these pdf document:

Societies Regulations

Societies are required act within the accordance of DSU Equal Opportunities, and according to rules on fair access and financial accountability. Societies breaching these Guidelines can be de-ratified.