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Student Societies

Getting involved with societies is one of the most fun things you'll do at University. Through joining societies you'll meet new people from other colleges, courses and years. There are over 100 to choose from, or you can start your own - all you need is 30 people.

Choose carefully - you can't join them all, so think before you pay the subscription. And remember: 'Life membership' is usually just for the length of your degree.

Official student societies are supported by DSU and have pigeonholes at Dunelm House reception. To contact a society, either email them or send a letter to:

Club/Society Name
Dunelm House

New Elvet

If you use Internal Mail, you only need the first two lines.

Societies offer you skills and challenges beyond your degree, something increasingly important when employers are looking for transferable skills and personal development.

A complete list of DSU clubs and societies.

In addition to DSU's societies, Durham University Athletic Union has over 50 sports clubs, and every college has its own sports clubs and societies.

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