Campaigning on local, national and global issues.

Look out for the following campaigns over the coming year......

The Truth isn't sexy logo

People Trafficking

DSU will be working with the Student Society Speak to raise awareness of the people trafficking industry.

The Truth Isn’t Sexy Campaign is a campaign against sex trafficking. It is about getting people to think about the issue of sex trafficking and is supported by both DSU and NUS.

STOP THE TRAFFIK is a campaign working to combat the fastest growing global crime, people trafficking—the buying & selling of people around the world today. Last year DSU and Speak met with our MP, Roberta Blackman Woods to speak about what the Government are doing to prevent people trafficking. She suported the campaign by signing a pledge postcard.

My friend Oli Organ donation logo

My Friend Oli

Our Chancellor, Bill Bryson, is on a mission to encourage students to sign up to the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Surveys show that people overwhelmingly support the concept of organ donations and that more than 90 per cent of us would be glad to know that our organs were being used to help others after our own deaths. But only about twenty per cent of us sign on to the NHS Organ Donor Register. In tragic consequence nearly 500 people die unnecessarily each year because suitable transplant organs cannot be found for them in time.

Bill will be visiting Durham in October to talk to students and staff about the campaign.

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If you'd like to get involved in any of these campaigns, or suggest some more ideas, contact Mary Dobson, our Campaigns Officer: