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Run by students, for students

DSU is Durham Students' Union, your union. It represents you, campaigns on issues that you feel strongly about, provides services such as the Advice Centre and supports over one hundred societies, publishes a newspaper and airs a radio station. We also have a shop, selling daily newspapers for 25p, a bar with the best balcony in Durham and we regularly host some of the biggest ents in Durham.

DSU is not another college or JCR, but instead it is all the colleges working together, speaking with a unified voice to represent you and our services are for all students in Durham. Durham Students' Union is a democratic body, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to have your say in what the union does, and how it does it, as well as over 300 officer and committee positions that you can be elected to

DSU is not just an acronym for meetings. Everything DSU does is driven by ts members. From Fresher Ball to Environmental Policy we can only be as good as our members who get involved.

How does it all work?

DSU is run day to day by three Sabbatical Officers, who are elected by students to work for DSU for a year. They are held to account by students the students that they work for and meet regularly with the Senior DSU reps from your colleges, DSU officers and the Presidents of the colleges.

Council and General Meetings

All students can attend General meetings and vote on a whole range of issues, submit motions for discussion and ask questions of the Sabbatical and Non Sabbatical Officers. Each college sends a team of reps to Council, where they make decisions on how DSU money is being spent, what we should campaign on and find out what different committees are up to.

Chair of Council: James Owen
Clerk of the Union: Richard Hornby.
Senior Returning Officer: Jennifer Holland

DSU Exec

The Senior Reps elected by your colleges sit on DSU Exec, where they have the chance to find out what the Sabbatical Officers have been up to, question them about bigger issues and make decisions about DSU.

You can chat to your Senior Rep about anything DSU related - they'd love to know what you think. These are the people who will know exactly what's going on in the Union and how you can get involved.

Officer team

DSU officers are elected by students to raise awareness and campaign on a whole range of issues, as well as represent you to the University and wider community.

Your Union Officers

  • Campaigns Officer: Mary Dobson:
  • Societies Officer: Matthew Kalkman:
  • Education Officer: Simon Rowbotham:
  • Women's Officer: Daisy Harper:
  • Men's Officer: Chris Moore:
  • Race Awareness Officer: Clio Hutchinson
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans Officer: Jay Aldred & Kate Hanley:
  • Students With Disabilities Officer: Natalie Crisp:
  • Postgraduate Officer: Ellie Spencer:
  • Environment Officer: Anthony Crowther :
  • Livers-Out Officer : Sally Clifton:
  • Community Liaison Officer: Michael Fox:
  • Freshers' Week Director: Richard Smith:
  • Ents Officer: Helen Thomas:
  • Publicity Officer: Sarah Conway: