Jazz Cafe

Tuesday nights at DSU in the Riverside Cafe, 8pm till 1am.

We alternate Jazz and Comedy week by week so there is always something new on display.

Join us for a sophisticated and relaxing evening of Jazz in the Riverside Cafe. The candlelit atmosphere is a big part of the event's success and there is always some serious talent on display. Expect to see some of Durham University's finest young musicians on display in this amazing venue, with the world famous Durham Cathedral as a backdrop.

If you are a Jazz band or you'd like to get involved with the Comedy/Jazz Cafe, please contact us @ K.m.heslop@durham.ac.uk

Hot food and bar snacks served from 8pm and a new wine list available which includes organic and fairtrade selections.

Join the face book group and win yourself free entry.

Tuesday nights
Durham Students' Union
Riverside Cafe
8pm - 12am
£3.50/£2.50 GC

Michaelmas term's line up

09/10/07 - Jazz - Chameleon (Jazzy offshoot from 'That Funk Band')

23/10/07 - Jazz - Kinky Jeff and the Hatfield Swingers

11/11/07 - Jazz - SKP Jazz Cooperative

20/11/07 - Jazz - Trouser Jazz (Russel Cowie and Co)