► How is DSU run?

“Durham Students’ Union exists to promote the interests of all Durham students.”

This is DSU’s mission statement. We exist as an organisation to represent your views and opinions so as to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Durham experience.

DSU is a democratic organisation, which means that you get to decide how it is run. The main tools at your disposal for doing just this are:

  1. The Student Representative Council (SRC): The SRC meets fortnightly during term. It is made up of the DSU sabbatical and part-time officers, faculty reps, and college reps and discusses policy and sets the officers’ agenda.
  2. Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) and Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM): These meetings are held at least on an annual basis and present an opportunity for all students to come together to have a say in the running of the Union. The Union’s accounts are presented at the AMM, and all of the part-time officers are elected at the EGM. Policy can also be discussed at these meetings.
  3. Referenda: A referendum is when a motion is put to an online ballot in which every single member is entitled to a vote. In recent years referenda have ranged from the banal with votes on NUS affiliation and HE funding to the obviously controversial with the question of whether or not to boycott Israeli goods.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments about anything to do with DSU or your life as a student please feel to get in touch with one of our sabbatical officers.


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