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DSU boasts over 150 student societies for Durham students, ranging from music, dance and the arts to hobbies, pastimes and sports. Details of all the societies are available on the 'Find a Society' page and thanks to our staff for the help.

Get involved in societies and make loads of new friends in your time here at Durham University - there is a society for every taste – and if not set one up!

For any further Society questions – contact [email protected]

The full listings for Society Week are below.

Events take place in Dunelm House unless otherwise stated. Follow the What's On link on the front page or contact the societies directly for more information about individual events.


10am Union Society Stall, Level C 

1pm Knitting Circle (free & cake), Cafe, [email protected] 

4-5pm Legs, Bums and Tums Work Out (chargeable), Ballroom, [email protected]

6pm Yoga – Easy class (free), Vane Tempest, [email protected]

7pm Documentary Society – Screening 'Fahrenheit 9/11', ER147, [email protected] 


2-4pm African Drumming (Free), Café, [email protected]

11-4 Nightline Stall Level C 
7pm Voices (Free), Vane Tempest, [email protected]


1.30-3pm Shorinji Kempo – Personal Protection Session (Free) ,Vane Tempest, [email protected] 

1pm Coco Stall, outside Café
1pm Bright Future (TBC) Stall
1pm Go Club, Cafe, [email protected]

11-4pm Nightline Stall, Level C 

3-4pm Zumba (Free), Ballroom

3-4.30pm Yoga (Intermediate- Chargeable), Vane Tempest, [email protected]

5-6:30pm Yoga,  Vane Tempest, [email protected]

1.30-3.30pm Conservation Clean Up at Queens with SCA and the Conservation Society (Free), Queens Campus, [email protected]

7-8:30pm Yoga Cafe, [email protected]

6-11pm Diversity Forum Film Night with Pizza and quiz (Free), Ballroom, [email protected]


5-6pm Boxercise (Free), Ballroom, [email protected]

6pm-7pm Yoga, Cafe, [email protected]

7-10pm Poetry Society – Poetry Evening, DSU Committee Room, [email protected]


1-5 Food Co-op (Free & cake for free), Vane Tempest, [email protected]

5-6pm Aerobics (Chargeable), Ballroom, [email protected]

7pm Inkapture – E magazine Stall Club night, Level C

7-8:30 Yoga (chargeable), Cafe, [email protected]

7-11pm Russian Society Event (Speaker, food and drinks) (Chargeable), Ballroom, [email protected]

7-11pm United Nations Society,  Kingsgate Bar, [email protected]


DUCK RAG Raid (free), Contact DUCK: [email protected]

2-4pm Shotokan Karate (free), Hild Bede Gym, [email protected]

TBC Instep Dance DSU, Ballroom, [email protected]



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