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An introduction

Through working with each department across the university, Durham University elects students to become Course Representatives each year. The university has over 500 representatives, for each course and at each level, ensuring that every student is represented. Durham University care about the student’s views regarding their education, making the course representative position so vital!

What are Course Representatives?

Course Representatives ensure that any feedback from the student body regarding problems with courses or departments or ideas to make positive changes, are passed onto staff members in the department. This allows the staff members of each department to get a real insight into what is going wrong and what is going right on each course within the university!

What would be expected of me?

Course representatives are expected to gather opinions from students on a regular basis. Why not ask your lecturer if you can have 5 minutes to ask the students their opinions? There are numerous ways to gather feedback from students on their opinions.
Course Representatives are then expected to present this information through attending “Staff Student Consultative Committee” meetings which are held once a term and create a forum where students and staff can communicate on any issues raised by the student body.
Course representatives then create a report and feedback what’s been said regarding certain issues at the SSCC meeting, back to the students.

What are the benefits of being a Course Representative?

There is an endless list of benefits to being a Course Representative. Not only does holding the position allow you to be at the heart of every decision being made in your department, but you have the responsibility of being the spokesperson for all the students on your course, meaning you have the power to make a real difference to a lot of student’s lives!
Being a course representative isn’t just about talking to your friends on what they think about your course. As a course representative, it is your responsibility to take on board as many students opinions as possible, allowing the whole student body’s views to be represented. You take the learners views to the staff in your department which will get passed along the different representation routes until it reaches the highest point. Therefore, being a course representative allows you to make a real impact on improving the learning experience for not only current students but for students who may study your course in future years.
Being a course representative not only allows you to gain personal satisfaction of getting students voices heard, but the experience you will gain is relevant and applicable to your working life! Public speaking, representation, feeding back information and writing reports are all skills that are applicable to everyday life and most importantly are skills valued highly by employers!
Being a course representative will look fantastic on your C.V. and will boost your skills ready for when you start applying for jobs.

What next?

All departments in the university are currently looking for course representatives. If you are interested in being a course representative for your course, contact your department to find information on how you can get involved!
If elected, there are numerous training sessions available. These are:

Main campus:
Tuesday 8th November: 1pm
Tuesday 8th November: 3pm
Wednesday 9th November: 3pm

Queens campus:
Thursday 10th November: 1pm
Thursday 10th November: 3pm.

All training sessions will be led by your Academic Representation Coordinator who manages all course representatives throughout the university and is there to support and assist any queries you have. You can contact you Academic Representation Coordinator on 0191 334 1758 or via email on [email protected].
If you require any further information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!


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