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Incident Report Form

Incident Report Form


Click here to download the Incident Report Form


What is it?

This form lets you report any incident that has occurred to you as a student to the DSU Advice Centre, be it big or small. This might be to raise awareness of the issue or to find out about any support that’s available that might help you.


We really appreciates students telling us about any incidents that have happened to them so that we can take any appropriate action to try and make sure it doesn’t happen to other students.




We completely respect that you might want to remain anonymous and that is absolutely fine – you don’t have to put your name anywhere on the form if you don’t want to.


Someone else (e.g. college President / Welfare Officer) can fill it out or send it in for you if you’d like them to.


Even if you include your name on the form, your personal details won’t be passed to anyone unless you explicitly give your consent by ticking the box on the form.


In the same way, you’ll need to tick a box to say that you’re happy for Jake Wanstall (DSU Education and Welfare Officer) or someone from the Advice Centre to contact you to acknowledge receiving the form, about anything mentioned that may require further action and with information on any relevant welfare services available. This won’t happen without your permission.




You can see a copy of DSU’s confidentiality policy by clicking here. Please read this and make sure you understand it before sending in your form.



When to use it

The form can be used to report any type of incident but examples might include…

Drink spiking,






This list certainly doesn’t include every situation that an incident report form could be used but is just a few examples to give you an idea.


The DSU Advice Centre is also a reporting centre for racial and homophobic abuse / crime so you can use this form to report an incident such as this.



How to fill it in

The form is hopefully quite clear as there are instructions for each section on the form. If you have any questions at all, you can contact Jake Wanstall (DSU Education and Welfare Officer) or someone in the Advice Centre using the contact details below.



What will happen?

Staff at the Advice Centre will take any action that they think is appropriate. Obviously, this depends on the nature of the incident you report but may involve acting to raise awareness amongst students (e.g. through college Welfare Officers / Presidents) to try and ensure it doesn’t happen to other students. The University Police Liaison Officer (Phil Raine) might be told so that he can take action to help stop it happening again. Whatever happens, your personal details WON’T be passed on unless you give explicit permission to do so by ticking the box on the form.



Contact details


Jake Wanstall – DSU Education and Welfare Officer

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 0191 334 1781


DSU Advice Centre

Email:   [email protected]

Phone: 0191 334 1775 or 0191 334 1794

Open:   Term-time – Monday – Friday – 9.00am – 4.00pm

Non-term-time – Monday – Friday – 10.00am – 3.00pm




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