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The Rules for the Durham University Inter-Collegiate University Challenge Tournament 2010/11


1)       The format

a)       The JCR’s (or equivalent representative body) of Collingwood, Grey, Josephine Butler, Van Mildert, Ustinov, Trevelyan, St. Mary’s, St. Aidan’s, Hatfield, University, St. John’s, St. Chad’s, St. Cuthbert’s, Hild Bede, George Stephenson and John Snow will be allowed to submit one team into the Durham University Inter-Collegiate University Challenge Tournament 2010/11.

b)       The responsibility for picking the team for each college shall lie with the Senior Durham Students’ Union (DSU) Representative at each college.

c)       Each college team will consist of a squad of 6 players, of which 4 must be available to play in each match.  Each team will select a captain to represent them during the competition.

d)       All the players participating in the tournament must be eligible to compete for Durham in the University Challenge Tournament.  All team members must still be studying (or intending to study) at Durham University in May 2011. 

e)       No participants on the University Challenge TV series in the past for any college or university are allowed to participate.

f)        There will be 16 teams in the tournament split into 4 groups of 4 teams.  Each team will play each other once in this group stage and the two teams at the top of the group will progress to the next round.  The group stage draw shall be seeded as best as possible (depending on available information). 

g)       George Stephenson and John Snow colleges will be drawn against each other in the first round for ease of transport. 

h)       In the group stages, 2 points will be given for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

i)         The teams will be split in the following order to determine the group placing.  Points, Total Score, Score Difference, Result(s) between the teams that can not be separated, Most Starter Questions Correct, Sudden Death (only if teams are present for the last group match), Drawing of lots.

j)         The 8 remaining teams will then participate in quarter finals, semi finals and a final in order to decide the winning team for the tournament.

2)       The matches

a)       Each match will last 25 minutes.

b)       The format will be similar to the University Challenge TV show.  For a starter question 10 points is awarded to the team who buzzes in and answers first.  Should a team incorrectly buzz in before the question has finished then will lose 5 points. 

c)       Should a team correctly answer a starter question, they are then asked three more questions, each of these questions are worth 5 points each.  The opposing team are not allowed to answer these questions. 

d)       At the end of the 25 minutes, the team with the most points and hence the highest score will be the winner.

e)       In the event of a draw, in the group stages, the draw will stand as the result, however in the knockout stages, the match will then go to Sudden Death.  In Sudden Death starter questions are asked until one team takes the lead, and they are then declared the winners.

f)        In doubt, the Question Master, in discussion with the DSU Societies and Student Development Officer, will have the final say on any matter arising during the match. 


Contestants are required to bring their campus card to every match as proof of identity and student status.



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