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Students with Disabilities

The Students with Disabilities Association (SWDA) aims to ensure the welfare, representation and involvement of all Durham students with disabilities, and to raise awareness and understanding of all types of disabilities among Durham students.  Big events include the Disability Awareness Week and Mental Health Week.


The SWDA welcomes (and encourages) involvement by all students whether disabled or not, and if you wish to be added to the SWDA mailing list or if you have a question or suggestion, please email the Adam Hearn, DSU Student's with Disabilities (SWD) Officer:([email protected]).

The SWDA has an Executive Committee which includes the following positions.  These are due to be selected in Michaelmas Term and if you are interested then email [email protected] who will have more information.


In addition to these people, it is also possible to get in contact with the DSU Education and Welfare Officer Jake Wanstall (mailto:[email protected]) or the Equal Opportunities Officer (position currently vacant).  Also, each college will select Disabilities Reps as well and they can also be a good contact.

In addition there is DUSSD (Durham University Service for Students with Disabilities) which is able to offer practical support to students who are effected by their disability through their university life.  You can contact DUSSD on www.dur.ac.uk/dussd




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