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DSU Exec


DSU Executive Committee is the body of some of the most important officers in DSU.  The purpose of DSU Exec is to ensure support is given to all these officers and that they together plan the political and representational aspects of DSU.  This can be as varied as suggesting campaign strategies to proposing motions to DSU Council. 



DSU Executive Committee includes the following officers:


Full time officers


Education and Welfare Officer

Societies and Student Development Officer

DUCK Officer



Part time officers

DSU Chair - Tim Scott - 

[email protected]

I am Tim, and i am the Chair of the Durham Students' Union. I am in
charge of the democratic side of the Union, which means I organise the
Union meetings and make sure that everything the Union is doing is in
line with the Constitution and the Standing Orders of the DSU. Motions
that are to be put to council come through Democracy Committee, which
consists of me, the two Vice-Chairs and the Societies and Student
Development Officer, to make sure that they are valid, they make sense
and they won't be in conflict or overlap with already existing policy. I
chair Democracy Committee and Executive Committee (consisting of the
executive Officers) and it is my job to compile the agendas for Council.
My role demands impartiality and with this in mind I will always attempt
to give the most helpful, constructive advise to anyone who asks.
'Democracy is coming...' - Leonard Cohen.

Campaigns Officer - Sam Lipman - 

[email protected]

Hi, I'm Sam and I'm the current Campaigns Officer for DSU.  If you think that the DSU should be running a campaign to highlight an issue, no matter how trivial, then get in touch.

Education Officer - Alexander Cartwright - 

[email protected]

Working closely with the Education and Welfare Officer, I represent the entire student body on educational matters. I help train and deal with the course reps from across the university and can present their findings to important university officials. I am always happy to help with any educational problems and matters so please feel free to get in touch. I chair education committee and particular topics that we are concentrating on this year are feedback, changing courses, and publicising surgery hours with lecturers.

Environment and Ethics Officer - Emma Jarvis 

dsu.envir[email protected]

I’m Emma, a third year Geography student from Butler and I am the Environment and Ethics officer this year for the DSU.

My main roles are to:

-Raise awareness of environmental and ethical issues by initiating campaigns

-Ensure the Union carries out an environmental and ethical audit of all its activities

-Meet regularly with college representatives, as well as relevant University bodies to discuss environmental and ethical issues.

This year I really want to make sure that the DSU is doing all it can to be leading on these issues and ensure that all the hard work of Durham students on green and ethical issues is promoted by bringing together societies, the DSU and Greenspace so that we can have a united front and really campaign hard for change on issues that matter to us.

If you think there is something the Union should be doing on an issue or if you need a hand with a project please send me an email and I will do what I can to help!

Equal Opportunities Officer - Ghassan Al-Sammari - 

[email protected]

I provide a voice for underrepresented groups within the University and co-ordinate and support the activities of the other equal opportunities officers. I chair the Equal Opportunities Committee which provides officers and myself with the opportunity to discuss issues affecting underrepresented groups. In addition to this I act as a secretary on Welfare Committee which provides an additional lens through which to observe potential equal opps issues within colleges.

Postgraduate Officer - Ian Williamson

[email protected]

I represent both taught and research postgraduates at various meetings including Senate and report back to MCR Prescom and DSU Exec. So far, we've managed to get all postgraduates a rep for voting at DSU Council (either through their college JCR or MCR) and I'm currently campaigning at university level for an increase in postgraduate space and facilities.

Welfare Officer - 

[email protected]
The role of welfare officer involves support and co-ordination of welfare within the colleges. They help to organize dates and materials for Welfare campaigns for each college to use in their campaigns. They also chair the Welfare Committee meetings which are held fortnightly and help the DSU Education and Welfare Officer with the organization of Welfare training. 

 In addition - 3 members of DSU Council are elected to sit on DSU Exec each term.



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